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P.O. Box 36090
Canton, Ohio 44708
United States

Celebrating our 10-year anniversary, The Buzz Maker! is a full-service, boutique PR firm specializing in strategic communication campaigns and expert level consulting services



The Buzz Maker! is a full-service, boutique public relations firm specializing in strategic communication campaigns, expert level consulting services and award winning creative. 

Our philosophy

Buzz over bucks™

TBM Advantage

Our company culture is fiercely positive. We believe in the power
of yes.

Our mission is to achieve true greatness rather than great bigness. 

We practice The Golden Rule, adhere to the highest ethical standards, and pay it forward through volunteerism, charitable giving and earth-friendly business practices. 


The Buzz Over Bucks™ philosophy elevates smart work over big money.

Even a modest investment in PR has the power to help propel your brand to a new level by helping you connect with people in ways that advertising alone cannot achieve.

It is said that PR outperforms paid advertising in its ability to inform, inspire, establish relationships, and enhance reputation. 

It's still your brand, but with a Supersuit. 

By choosing The Buzz Maker!, you've selected an award-winning team of professionals with more than 75 years of combined experience. 

Creative and strategic thinkers, powerful leaders, exceptional writers, award winning artists and graphic designers, and leading branding specialists - that's The Buzz Maker! advantage.

Everything you need.
Nothing you don't.
Always the best.  


Learn more about our passion for all things Creative, Sustainable and Compassionate


If you’re using creative energy to develop thought-leading business practices, spearhead meaningful change, or simply to make our world a more beautiful place, we want to help you.


If your work leads to new, visionary solutions, supports research and education, or offers other social or community initiatives to improve sustainability, we want to help you


We recognize that other beings are deserving of concern, understanding, advocacy and help. If you're working to create a more compassionate culture, we want to help you.