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Celebrating our 10-year anniversary, The Buzz Maker! is a full-service, boutique PR firm specializing in strategic communication campaigns and expert level consulting services

Top Tweets from the YouToo Social Media Conference

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Top Tweets from the YouToo Social Media Conference

Tracy Teuscher

We’ve been attending the award-winning YouToo Social Media Conference since its inception in 2008, and have served as a volunteer and sponsor since 2010. This year, YouToo celebrated its 10-year anniversary with keynote presenters, Greg Josken of Disney Theatrical Group and Juntae DeLane of the Digital Branding Institute, and we were proud to serve as the social media sponsor. Complete with experts, panels and presentations, YouToo explored trends, best practice and emerging technology in the social space, along with ethical and practical implications for PR pros and students.

Here are 15 of our top Tweets from the day!

1. Sometimes your client doesn't need a cathedral, they just need a brick. Focus on what's most important first.

2. Think about your target audience's experience first and foremost, and use what you learn to fuel marketing efforts.

3. Consumers are moving out of the traditional buying cycle of awareness, consideration, decision, retention. Think abstractly.

4. Map your brand's digital footprint to better understand how (and where) your target audience interacts with you.

5. If you can create measurable objectives, you can measure your success and show value. Think about your audience first.

6. All marketing is communication, but not all communication is marketing.

7. #SocialMedia has added a layer of loyalty and advocacy to marketing and conversion.

8. #Entrepreneurial thinking is perfect for the #SocialMedia and digital space.

9. Why is it important to map a company's digital footprint? The first interactions with most brands happen in the digital space.

10. Digital branding is the WHOLE puzzle: Social media, content marketing, SEO, pay per click - it's all changing.

11. Showcase your brand personality. This is very important for social business.

12. Augmented reality is expected to move to the forefront within the next year with help from brands like @Apple.

13. Remember all the lessons we've learned in existing social environments as we consider strategic applications for #VR for #PR.

14. Your smartphone camera used with Facebook could be the next big augmented reality experience.

15. In 10 years, we could be immersed in #VR. The world will be our screen.

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