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Celebrating our 10-year anniversary, The Buzz Maker! is a full-service, boutique PR firm specializing in strategic communication campaigns and expert level consulting services


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Tracy Teuscher

Hosted on April 2, TEDx New Albany’s regional TED Talks asked some big questions, and shared some inspirational answers. What do you value? How should we define real wealth? What is our purpose? How should education evolve? Why is an abundance mind set important?

Here are TBM’s top takeaways from 14 speakers and three performing artists.

Think We Rather Than Me

In his presentation, Juan Alvarez reminds us that in business as in life, everything changes when we focus on how we can help others succeed. Our purpose becomes both mindful and collaborative, while avoiding the cultural “what’s in it for me” thinking that is inherently destructive. The old adage, “our success is your success” becomes a mantra rather than a marketing phrase. Giving is the nature of true success.

Redefine True Wealth

In her presentation on re-framing the perception of wealth, Kerri Laubenthal Mollard reminds us about the nature of true wealth as love, health, relationships, compassion and community. Financial health is important, but what and who do we really value? Through powerful personal storytelling, Kerry reminds us all: Ah, you are so rich.  

Embrace an Abundance Mindset

As an individual and an entrepreneur, Brad Griffith reminds us to embrace an abundance mindset that places positive thinking and collaboration in the center of our lives. By doing so, we elevate our ability to persevere, problem solve and overcome adversity, while celebrating successes and encouraging others. Have a healthy disregard for the impossible.

Learn Without Limits

Motivational speaker and professional educator Jim Mahoney inspires us to dare to alter the traditional methods of education in favor of creative, collaborative and inclusive ways to teach and inspire each individual. With humor, transparency, and boldness, Jim invites us to scrap the old ways by focusing on learning, growth, improvement and contribution, rather than tests, scores and structures. Student presenters and performing artists emphasize the importance that creative arts like writing, reading, painting, dancing, music and poetry play in personal growth, fulfillment, and the sustainability of our culture as we: Learn without limits.

Transform Adversity Into Ingenuity

Living without a lower right arm from birth would be perceived as limiting to many, but not to Aaron Westbrook. With a keen intellect, sharp wit, and nonstop enthusiasm, Aaron’s limb difference has inspired both his intrepid perseverance and a burning desire to help others with limb differences. Driven by his disappointment with traditional prosthetics, Aaron embarked on a creative journey to use 3D printing to create quality, functional, recyclable prosthetics and assistive devices that have changed his life and the lives of others. At 17 years old, he’s just getting started. Believe that you can do anything.

Copyright Tracy L. Teuscher, APR, 2016