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Tracy Teuscher

TBM Insights: Tips for Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is better than ever, including the tools you can use to make it successful. Recent research shows email marketing delivers a 4,300% return on investment. 

In addition: 

·      74% of consumers prefer receiving special offers by email. 

·      66% have made an online purchase after receiving email marketing. 

·      Consumers who receive email marketing spend about 138% more than those who don’t.

·      And, oh by the way, most people open email on a mobile device.

Email is also a powerful communication channel to build relationships with audiences – a key goal of public relations. So, start with some good tools, a good strategy and a good plan for implementation.

1.    Do your research. Choose an email marketing tool that is proven, has excellent delivery to the inbox, provides options to use a customized template or build your own options, allows integration of video content and social connections, and offers support from customer service pros.

2.    Be brief. Most people skim to look for content that is most relevant for them. Make your headlines both clearly descriptive and Tweetable – six to eight words or 60 characters. Link to a longer article or additional resources if needed.

3.    Be strategic. What do you want people to know? And, what do you want them to do? Briefly share benefits or opportunities – people care about benefits, not features. Define the action you’d like people to take, and what the result will be. Include a deadline. 

4.    Add buttons. Make it easy for people to learn more or take action by including direct links and action buttons.

5.    Include visual elements. Use images, custom graphics and/or video to help convey your message and connect with people on a more personal and emotional level. And, be sure it’s consistent with your company branding.

Remember to clarify delivery rates vs. delivery to the inbox rates when evaluating email marketing tools – if people don’t see it, they can’t open it, and your data on open rates and engagement won’t be accurate.

Here’s a link to some amazing guides that we found to be really helpful.

We wish you the best of success!

Copyright, Tracy L. Teuscher, APR 2016